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On June 7th in La Spezia, Circle Group through Magellan Circle organized SEAFUTURE – Green & Blue Innovation Hub, a day of conferences on the decarbonization of the maritime industry as part of the Seafuture exhibition (La Spezia, June 5-8, 2023), now in its eighth edition. In the current European process of energy transition, a sustainable blue economy represents an essential element in achieving the climate and environmental objectives set by the European Commission, including those planned through the Green Deal, such as decarbonization of maritime transport, transition to a circular economy, and energy transition of ports.

The conference, whose program is available here, featured national and international interventions, including:

  • Boumedienne Beladjine, Senior lecturer, university of science and technology, expert in green shipping, ministry of high education, consultant CETIC – PPT
  • Ana Casaca, Founder and CEO World of Shipping Portugal – Trainer & Researcher, External Expert European Commissiown World of Shipping Portugal – PPT
  • Vincenzo di Pisa, Director Copenhagen Offshore Partner – PPT
  • Jean Pierre Lamblin, Founder CO2 Tracker – PPT
  • Filippo Lossani, Director della BU Marine ECOSPRAY – PPT
  • Matilda Mali, Reseracher PhD Chemistry And Environmental Technology, Polytechnic University of Bari – PPT
  • Simone Pacciardi, Special projects, relations with the EU and market development Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea – PPT
  • David Pellegrini, 1° Scientific Researcher, ISPRA – PPT
  • Alexio Picco, managing director Circle Group and EU funding expert – PPT
  • Lotta Pirttimaa, Senior Policy Officer Ocean Energy Europe – PPT
  • Adriana Salazar, Blue Economy Expert, Union for the Mediterranean – PPT
  • Orestis Schinas, Delegate International Windship Association – PPT
  • Alexia Spyridonidou, Business Development Manager of the Circular Economy and Climate Change Institute of the EPLO – PPT
  • Sergio Torriani, Founder and CEO Simplifhy – PPT