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Magellan Circle, international consultancy company part of Circle Group specialized on the Green Deal and energy transition topics, launches, together with Simplifhy H2 Ready, the new service for ports, and transport & logistic operators whose main purpose is to support all players in this market that will implement H2 based decarbonization projects in obtaining European funding.

This initiative combines strong know-how in designing and implementing H2 based decarbonization strategies of Simplifhy with Magellan Circle’s decades of expertise in the EU Consultancy in the fields of Transport, Logistics, Mobility, Environment and Circular Economy.

H2 Ready involves Customer support in all strategic phases of the project, from scenario analysis, through which opportunities and risks related to the suitable H2 solutions are analyzed, up to the identification of the best call for European funding.

Statements from the protagonists

The EU has a key priority in scaling up the development of hydrogen infrastructure and facilitating investments in H2, supporting production, demand, and international cooperation through concrete initiatives already in place. H2 Ready fits into this framework to answer the need of port, transport and supply chain players to receive support in the implementation of a decarbonization strategy consistent with European objectives by benefiting from the co-financing available explains Alexio Picco, President & Senior Consultant at Magellan Circle.

Decarbonization strategies and solutions are one of the priorities of port systems. Hydrogen technologies contribute in this area very significantly. A recent study by Clean Hydrogen Partnership has previewed that in 2050 the 42% of the demand for European hydrogen will be allocated in harbour areas. It is a complex process that requires planning, resources and cooperation at a European level emphasizes Sergio Torriani, CEO and Founder at Simplifhy.