Innovative technological solutions and services in the customs field

NEXT Customs Srl is a company specializing in innovative technological solutions and services in the customs field that provide a comprehensive and harmonized view of new legal frameworks and regulatory scenarios (both at National and EU level), in order to make all supply chain operators interoperable.

Our core activities include professional customs training, equipping companies with the knowledge and skills needed for regulatory compliance, digital solutions available in both license and service form (SaaS & PPU).

Diversifying our portfolio, we also offer support services in managing customs procedures on behalf of third-party companies.

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Customs optimization digital services

NEXT Customsoffers a comprehensive view of new regulatory scenarios, both at the National and Community level. Specifically, the aim is the harmonization of customs processes, ensuring a more efficient, rapid and streamlined transport and logistics flow, as well as naturally complying with customs regulations, as well as prospective addressing with respect to the proposed reform of the European Customs Code, in addition to the new regulations issued by the European Community including the new CBAM regulation ("Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism").

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