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The Port of Huelva has recently joined the DocksTheFuture Network of Excellence, in collaboration with 28 other entities including Port Authorities and organizations related to the port industry. The network’s objective is to promote new technologies to innovate the port industry and enrich the dialogue between organizations, international associations, and maritime clusters.

With the Spanish port’s membership, the DocksTheFuture Network of Excellence can benefit from the contributions of the Port of Huelva to achieve sustainability goals, promoting the concept of the Port of the Future and taking advantage of opportunities arising from funding programs such as those promoted by the Green Deal.

Central topics that the network focuses on include energy efficiency, alternative fuels, sustainable and resilient transportation infrastructure systems, emerging technologies, digitalization of the logistics chain, cybersecurity, innovative financial instruments, and multimodal transportation.

The network is continuously growing and open to cooperation with any organization in the maritime and logistics industry interested in benefiting from upcoming invitations to submit proposals for co-funded projects.