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The new Fast Corridor for the intermodal operator Medlog between the port of La Spezia (LSCT) and the inland terminal of Terminali Italia  (subsidiary of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, which manages the freight terminals) in Marzaglia, Modena, has started.

The logistics and customs corridor allows containers arriving at the LSCT terminal to be transferred immediately to the Marzaglia logistics hub, where import operations are completed.

On the strength of its experience, with 21 Fast Corridors activated to date, Circle has supported Medlog in the path necessary for the activation of this “fast and monitored” logistic railway corridor.

The technological solution chosen for the management, optimisation and monitoring of the transport chain, with a particular focus on the innovative customs component, was Milos®, the suite designed by Circle for the digitalisation of the Supply Chain and aimed at all players in intermodal logistics.