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MILOS® terminal operating system fully operational for Trieste intermodal Maritime Terminal “TIMT”

Milos® Terminal Operating System fully operational for Trieste Intermodal Maritime Terminal (“TIMT”) in the port of Trieste

Besides its native integration with Port Community System of Port of Trieste Sinfomar® (developed by Info.era, software house based in Trieste part of CIRCLE Group), Milos® Terminal Operating System for TIMT is also interoperable with evolute platforms used by Samer & Co. Shipping and Turkish operator Ulusoy, both in the capacity of shareholders of TIMT.

Thanks to these synergies, the new integrated TOS will provide a single real-time view of all operations and data, allowing to share information among all players of the supply chain, obtaining event recording for more accurate reporting, visibility about yard availability situation, trailer operative management, mobile reach stacker interoperability and thus significant optimization for shipping line planning and management.

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