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The alliance between Magellan Circle and EETRA is based on a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability. This partnership for both organizations is aimed at accelerating the transition to more sustainable practices in the mobility and transportation sectors. The agreement will leverage Magellan Circle’s extensive experience in port, transport and logistics and European projects, and through EETRA’s expertise in ESG management and sustainability strategies.

Magellan Circle Italy is at the forefront of European consulting and provides services in international consulting, acceleration of EU funding and strategic guidance in various sectors, including transport, mobility and logistics. The company excels in the creation and management of European projects, supporting process innovation, and ensuring compliance with EU regulations and directives. The mission of Magellan Circle Italy is to.
to empower organizations by offering detailed action plans tailored to their needs, facilitating the implementation of dynamic and effective projects throughout the EU and beyond.EETRA is a benefit company whose goal is to lead organizations on a path of ESG process innovation. EETRA’s diverse team brings a strong passion and solid expertise in sustainability and offers services such as ESG rating, sustainability report sustainability, materiality assessment, and stakeholder engagement. The company’s company’s strategic guidance helps organizations and entire supply chains transition to sustainable practices, ensuring that they are prepared for the future regulatory landscape and the consumer expectations.