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Circle & Maps start the pilot project for multimodal optimisation within the framework of FENIX

As announced in January 2020, (see press release dated January 2020, 27th), the strategic alliance between Circle and Maps has a perfect fit due to the complementarity of their solutions. These solutions are Milos® by Circle, and Maps’ Data Platform which utilizes Artificial Intelligence for real-time analysis of large amounts of data to optimize strategic and operational processes.

The main purpose of this partnership is to strenghten the joint proposal by offering Articial Intelligence and digitalization services of the multimodal chain. Additionally, it aims at sustaining Multimodal Transport Operators (MTOs), Freight Forwarders and Logistics Operators with a suite that enables them to select the best transport modes depending on several parameters like efficiency, availability of suppliers, qualitative requirements, savings, performance, and environmental sustainability.

This solution takes place within the framework of European project FENIX – A European Federated Network of Information eXchange in LogistiXStudy, for which Circle has obtained a contribution of EUR 1.3 million, through a new pilot project involving two of the major Italian MTOs. This project represents for the two companies a solid test stage for their integrated approach and use of innovative technologies.

Read here the complete press release