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“The Sustainability of Human Capital in the Logistics of the Future” – Connecting EU Webinar in collaboration with Thrust

By 16/06/2020January 17th, 2022Events

Connecting EU, in collaboration with Thrust, organizes the Webinar  “The Sustainability of human capital in the logistics of the future” on Tuesday 23rd June – 10:00 a.m.  In the business processes of technological transformation, the human resources must remain in the core of the business strategies. In order to build a successful path, it is important to foster new digital skills, redesign roles and enhance the employee engagement, creating an added value to be offered to the customers.

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Presenter:  Alexio Picco, Circle Group

Moderator: M. Rosaria Micheloni, THRUST

• Digitalization and sustainability of human capital in trasport industry – Fabrizio Borgogna,  THRUST
• The certification of skills as reinforcement of human capital  – Betta Garbarino,  ALFA – Regione Liguria
• Presentation of  Covid 19 Observatory on Maritime Transport and Logistics – Alessandro Panaro, SRM
• State of the art in the Logistics of the future – Umberto Ruggerone, Assologistica