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Owner and CEO at Circle since 2012, Chairman at Info.era since January 2018, Chairman of Progetto Adele since August 2019, Mr. Abatello has ten previous years of experience in the ICT, business advice and digital marketing sector, where he held ever growing roles including Head of Business Solutions, Board of Directors member and CEO. Currently, he is Chairman at Log@Sea, the Enterprise Network made by Circle and Aitek.
With a degree in Economics from the University of Genoa (1999), Abatello holds a Master’s Degree in Executive MBA – PIM from SDA Bocconi (2007).

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ALEXIO PICCO – Councillor

Founding partner and Member of the Board at Circle since 2012 and Member of the Board at Info.era since 2017, Alexio Picco has a pluriannual experience working with politicians, policy-makers, regulators, academics and third parties in passenger and freight transport innovation. With a Degree in Transport Engineering from the University of Genoa (2004), since 2007 Picco has supported the European Commission in the evaluation of innovative projects. He is currently Business Development and Funding Director at Circle and leads the Connecting EU Business Unit, which supports and develops the business of public bodies and private companies through EU Branding and the search for funding opportunities.

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GIORGIO FINADRI – Independent Councillor

Since 2023 President of Mazzocco srl (previously General Manager), a company specialized in refrigerated transport throughout Italy, part of the Italtrans SPA group, and leader in the sector. Previously, he gained experience as General Manager and/or Board Director, holding operational positions in companies operating in the food sector, such as Raviolificio Bertarini SPA, Sangemini SPA and Tavina SPA. His professional career has also included positions in societies whose core business is the management of real estate/financial/energy activities, such as Primavera spa, Gruppo Edlo Spa and Emmecidue SPA. For several years after completing his studies in auditing companies, supported by the acquired experience, he gained skills in rearrangement, corporate management and the optimization of processes and business.

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